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Vegan BBB Babes, this Vegain & Workout Bundle is for you! Receive everything you need to be the healthiest, most energised and fittest you've ever been:
Over 50 nutritious vegan recipes!
Three meal plans!
60 different workouts using over 100 exercises! 
Sculpt your body with the Resistance Bands!

Our eBooks will help you achieve your goal, whether it be to Lose, Gain or Maintain... we've got you covered!

    Use the exclusive formula in The Bandbook to design a workout to suit your personal goal: increase your fitness, build up, lose weight or maintain your fitness. And because all of the workouts create resistance using either your body weight or the Resistance Bands, you can workout ‘Anywhere, Anytime’!

    And when it comes to fuelling your fitness, Vegain has you covered with three one-week meal plans designed to help you achieve your goal: Lose, Gain or Maintain. If your goal is to Gain, follow the meal plan for Gain and then once you have achieved your goal, switch to the Maintain meal plan.

    You will receive:

    • - Vegain (eBook) 
    • - The Bandbook (eBook)
    • - Resistance Bands

    And BONUS - as Vegain and The Bandbook are eBooks, you can download them immediately! Simply follow the steps in your order confirmation email and you can access your new guides within seconds of your purchase!

    Your Resistance Bands will follow in the mail, receive them within 2 - 4 business days wherever you are in the world!

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