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Workout Bundle (eBooks & Resistance Bands)

Workout Bundle (eBooks & Resistance Bands)

Workout Bundle (eBooks & Resistance Bands)


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By following the 12 Week Guide, you will see results and have a whole new level of energy in just TWO weeks! The 12 Week Guide has been designed to teach you nutritional and training habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. It provides you with all the nutrition and workout tools that you need to create the bikini body of your dreams!

Nutrition is an important element of burning fat and building your dream bikini body; but it is one that is often overlooked. The nutritional section of the 12 Week Guide outlines the difference between carbohydrates, protein and fat and explains when you should eat them and why.

The circuit style workouts in the 12 Week Guide use a combination of strength (resistance training) exercises and conditioning (cardiovascular) exercises. The workouts are fun, easy to follow and get progressively harder as you get stronger! The comprehensive exercise dictionary outlines how to perform each exercise.

After you have finished the 12 weeks, you can use the exclusive formula included in the Bandbook to design a workout program to meet your personal post 12 Week Guide goal! Whether your goal is to increase your fitness, build up your body, lose weight or maintain your current status – the Bandbook has you covered.

The Bandbook comes with two resistance bands especially designed for our BBB babes! Workout anywhere, anytime with nothing but the Bandbook! Our resistance bands will be your new best friends! They are sneaky little workout wonders; being very effective at creating lean muscle and burning fat whilst being small and light enough to throw into your everyday bag.

The Bandbook has 60 circuit workouts that can be completed in 30 minutes. There are 30 strength workouts and 30 conditioning workouts that are split equally between easy, intermediate and hard.

Complete five Bandbook workouts a week, or two. With our exercise formula you can build the Bandbook workouts into your existing exercise program, or you can solely use Bandbook workouts. It’s entirely up to you!

The Bandbook’s workout dictionary includes options for you to make the exercises easier or harder (where possible), catering to both our intermediate and advanced babes. Learn how to track your progress through means other than the scales, including through the Bandbook fitness test.

The Bandbook has been designed for you to workout with indefinitely! With 60 different workouts, you’ll never be bored working out again!