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Post-Pregnancy Babes

Please do not do any of the workouts within this Guide until you have doctor's clearance.

During pregnancy your body releases a hormone that causes your muscles to soften in preparation for child birth. It can take a number of weeks, post-birth for your body to return to its pre-baby hormone levels, which is why it is so important to reintroduce exercise slowly, only after your doctor has given clearance. 

Once you have your doctor's clearance to exercise, we recommend that you start working out in the same way that we recommend beginners start. Even if you worked out during your pregnancy, it is really important that you reintroduce exercise again slowly and gently at first.

Always remember to listen to your body, if something doesn't feel right, stop and seek the advice of a health professional.

Busy Lifestyle

All of our workouts are between 30 & 45 minutes long so they can easily be fit into your busy lifestyle. If you are ready to become a happier and healthier you, it's all about prioritising your life to have time for the things that will make it happen.