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Bikini Body Burn is a family of hundreds of thousands of girls all around the world! A family that exists solely to empower one another to be the healthiest and fittest versions of themselves!

In today’s society there is a lot of misinformation circulating about how to be fit and healthy. This misinformation has created an endless cycle of fad diets, cleanses, fasting and inefficient exercise programs. Girls believe that they are doing the right thing by following the latest trend, but then become frustrated when they don’t see long term results.

Enter Bikini Body Burn, which was founded to correct the cycle of misinformation! Bikini Body Burn was co-founded by Karina Irby, the owner of Moana Bikini, and Simon McDermott, Karina’s trainer and the owner of Starke Fitness. Bikini Body Burn’s mission is to educate as many girls as possible on how to build lean muscle and eat a nutritionally balanced diet.

Simon has been creating bikini bodies for over 15 years. He has seen every diet and training regime under the sun. After testing them all over the years, Simon knows better than anyone what works. That knowledge has been passed onto the Bikini Body Burn family through the BBB fitness guides.

Karina has lived her entire life in and around the ocean. She’s created your favourite bikinis and lived in them herself. She knows, all too well, the struggle to understand what to do to become fit and healthy and then to find the time to maintain that fitness and health.

With the guidance of Simon, Karina has changed her training program and diet and in the process her whole body has changed. Having the bikini body that you’ve always wanted IS POSSIBLE!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, become healthier, fitter or build a bigger booty… Bikini Body Burn can help you!