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Required Equipment

  • some dumbbells
  • a kettle bell
  • a skipping rope
  • a resistance band
  • a medicine ball (or if you don’t have one, you could use a single dumbbell)
  • a fit ball
  • a bench (or if you don’t have one, you could use a dining chair or park bench)

Accessing The Guide

Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email with a link to download your guide/s. The link expires within 14 days of your purchase. Once downloaded, you need to save the guide/s to Dropbox, your mobile device and/or your computer. If you don’t save it, you will lose access… and how’s a babe to exercise without her fitness guide? So make sure you save it! 

Hard Copy

All of our guides are eBooks and we don't provide printed copies. If you would like a hard copy you can print one off like most of our BBB babes do.

Printing My Guide

Once you have saved your guide as a PDF. onto your device, you will be able to print it the same as you would with any other PDF. document. Some girls choose to get their printed guides bound at their local office store.

Saving as a PDF

Once you have purchased a guide you will receive an email with a download link.

First click on the link to save and then choose option to save to Dropbox / your device.

DROPBOX - click the 'Save to Dropbox' button located just above the owl. We really (really, really!) recommend saving to Dropbox so you have a backup copy saved in case you lose it from your phone or tablet.

AN APPLE DEVICE - click the ‘Download’ button and wait up to two minutes for it to open. Once opened, tap the top of your screen and 'open in iBooks' will appear, click on that to save to iBooks.

AN ANDROID DEVICE - click the ‘Download’ button. Once opened it will automatically save to your documents.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Please make sure that you are buying the right fitness guide for you as we do not offer refunds for change of mind.

If you mistakenly purchase the same fitness guide twice at the same time, we will refund one of your payments. Please send an email to hello@bikinibodyburn.com with your order number/s.