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WINNER - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018... Bronte!

WINNER - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018... Bronte!

OOOOOOOHHHHLALA - this BBB Babe has SMASHED our latest 12 Week Challenge! We received hundreds of results, and there were LOTS of BBB Babes worthy of Runner Up, but there was one BBB Babe was the clear winner.

Congratulations to.... Bronte Holding!

Bronte has a new found confidence since completing the 12 Week Challenge! That confidence has seen Bronte decide to pursue her dream and become a personal trainer. Yeah girl, we're so happy!

Bronte has lost 9 kilos and almost 45 centimetres across her whole body. But, as she herself recognises, her real achievement is her new found confidence and happiness. And with results like this, she should be strutting around like Beyonce!

Here is what Bronte had to say:

"My name is Bronte Holding and I just completed my first ever 12 week challenge! I am so happy with my results and have had the best experience over the past 12 weeks. First off I really want to thank Simon, Karina and the BBB team for all their motivation, support, tips and advice during the 12 weeks, I couldn’t have done it without all your help!!

I also loved the Facebook group, having a bunch of total strangers be so welcoming, supporting and encouraging to you is amazing ❤️

This challenge has completely changed me as a person, and 12 weeks ago I was on a completely different path to where I am now. Because of the confidence and self esteem I have gotten from this challenge, I had the courage to pursue my dream and enrol to become a personal trainer. I am so excited about helping others on their fitness journey and giving them all the support and love that BBB has given me. So before I write a whole novel about how much I loved this program, here’s my results! 

I’ve lost 3cm from each of my arms, 7cm from my booty, 8cm from my hips, 9.5cm from my chest, 5.5cm from each thigh, 8.5cm from my waist, and 3.4cm from my calf, so I’ve lost a total of 44.9cm!! I also jumped on the scales at the end of the challenge and had lost 9kg. I’m excited about my results, but for me this challenge was really about changing my life path and finding my confidence and happiness again. So thank you Bikini Body Burn for giving me my life back!! I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you again for all the support and help over the last 12 weeks! I’m looking forward to continuing my health and fitness journey using everything I’ve learnt from this challenge!"

As the winner of this 12 Week Challenge, Bronte has AU$500 and a Moana Bikini of her choice coming her way!

If you would like to do our next 12 Week Challenge, click here - we would love to have you! You never know, we could be announcing your name before the end of this year as a winner or runner up. 




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