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Why you need to tailor your nutrition to your goal

Why you need to tailor your nutrition to your goal

Well BBB Babes… thank you so much for your patience, but what you have been asking for is finally here! Crack the sparkling water, today marks the launch of the EAT Nutrition Guide + Meal Plans (eBook)!

And yes 'plans' plural. EAT contains three, different four-week meal plans.

But why is that, you ask!? 

Because there is no such thing as a one-size body, so a one-size fits all meal plan simply won’t work!

EAT has taken us almost two years to put together. We have invested months and months of time into making sure that EAT is the best possible option for ALL of you. And we are finally there.

EAT is the best thing to evolve since sliced bread! Or should we say ‘since sourdough’, as sourdough is the only ‘bread’ that isn’t 'processed'. Just one of the things we’ve learnt on our journey to delivering EAT.

Now, onto the goals. We read each and every one of your comments and emails and have taken on-board everything you have had to say. Our BBB Babes have three common goals:

  1. to increase their body size (to ‘Gain’)
  1. to slim down and get in shape (to ‘Lose’) and
  1. to maintain their shape and appearance but be healthier and perhaps gain a little muscle in the process (to ‘Maintain’).

If three different girls, each with a different goal, all ate the same diet, their results would be drastically different. That generic plan would more than likely work for one of the girls, but not for the other two.

EAT provides a tailored meal plan to match your goal. By following YOUR meal-plan for YOUR goal you are 100% more likely to achieve your goal than if you bought a generic, cookie-cutter meal plan.

So what else is different between EAT and other cookie-cutter meal-plans?

EAT is practical! You won’t be preparing three meals and two snacks per day. You will be cooking in bulk (e.g. making double your dinner for lunch the next day) AND you will use everything in your food shop for the week.

EAT's Meal Plans and Recipes don't involve any expensive food shops where you don’t use all of your food by the end of the week. Waste is just that, waste! And not something that Bikini Body Burn promotes.

EAT also outlines the 'WHAT' of supplements and includes a recommendation on IF you should take them (taking into account how expesive some of them can be).

EAT is the BBB Babes bible to nutrition! It contains everything you need to empower you to live your healthiest lives. Enjoy BBB Babes, we cannot WAIT to hear all of your feedback!

- Karina + Simon



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