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Why we want you to stop weighing yourself!

Why we want you to stop weighing yourself!

Are you one of our BBB Babes that measures your "success" by what you see on the scales. If you are - please not weighing yourself! And this is why…

Our Bikini Body Burn workouts are designed to change your body composition. By completing our workouts, you will lose fat and build more muscle. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then you will lose weight. But if you are lean to begin with, it is highly likely that you will actually gain weight. And if you only have a little bit of fat to lose, it is highly likely that you won't change on the scales.

Scales only show your weight - they do not show body composition. And by body composition, we mean the difference between your fat mass and your muscle mass.

You could lose 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) of fat but you could put on 3 kilos of muscle. On the scales there is no change, but your physical transformation could be huge!

Your weight can also fluctuate anywhere between 2 to 3 kilos daily, depending on what you eat, your hydration levels, whether you’ve been to the toilet that day, fluid retention, whether it's 'that' time of the month and so on.

If you measure your success by the scales, you are not getting the big picture in regards to your overall health!

Scales distract you from good habits. Obsessing over fluctuations of weight on the scales takes away from the successes you are achieving. Celebrate the things you are doing right rather than looking at a number on the scales!

Everyone is different in the way their body responds to healthy nutrition and exercise. For some, the weight on the scales is the last to move. It is entirely possible to go down two dress sizes, feel amazing, see a physical transformation and get positive comments from your friends and family and see no movement on the scales.

Most people weigh themselves because it is an immediate answer to a question, but the true ways of measuring your successes are:

  • take photos of yourself along your journey
  • take your measurements
  • keep a journal recording your moods and how you are feeling
  • take note of how your clothes are fitting

Remember, your weight is just a number and is a very small part of what makes up your physical and mental fitness.

Have an amazing day BBB Babes!

Karina + Simon 

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May 23, 2018 • Posted by Mel Gibbons

Love this! Ao many times when I exercise and do my work outs and feel good about myself, i go to the scale and barely see changes in the number, and used to be confused about it, now I get it! Thank you for this post

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