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Why we love resistance training

Why we love resistance training

Hands up if you want to build muscle, burn fat and basically have the best body you've ever had?... because that is exactly what you'll get thanks to resistance training!

Resistance training is any form of exercise that uses resistance to make your muscles contract. It is also known as strength training, because it makes you strong!

You're stronger because resistance training builds muscle. And it's muscle that gives your body shape. 

Another upside of having more muscle? Your metabolism increases; which means your body will naturally burn more energy, even when you're resting. And that is a winning formula. 

There are three ways to create resistance:

  1. Using your own body weight, e.g. a squat
  2. Using a resistance band
  3. Using weights such as dumbbells or a kettle bell

The workouts in our 12 Week Guide use all three ways to create resistance and the workouts in The Bandbook use body weight and our resistance bands

Neither of the ways to create resistance are better or worse, it all depends on what you prefer to do. If you have a gym membership or some gym equipment at home, we recommend our 12 Week Guide. But if you would prefer to workout at home with no equipment other than our resistance bands, The Bandbook is for you!

And if you think that doing resistance training will make you big and bulky, think again - just take a look at Karina! Girls that you might consider to be 'bulky' have trained and consumed a specialised diet to look that way. Our workouts won't create that 'look', it's a completely different way of doing resistance training.  

Resistance training truly is your best friend in the journey to reach your health and fitness goals. Trust us, you'll LOVE it! 

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