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Three reasons why you NEED our Resistance Bands in your life!

Three reasons why you NEED our Resistance Bands in your life!

Our Resistance Bands aren't just pretty, they are also our favourite body building weapon. Why?... read on girl, by the end of this blog you're going to be as obsessed as we are!

But first, why 'resistance' is your friend

As their name suggests, when you use resistance bands you are completing resistance training. And resistance training is where burning fat and building muscle is at, because resistance training:

  • Improves your strength level!
  • Tones your muscles!
  • Improves your flexibility and balance!
  • Burns fat!
  • Improves your metabolism! 

Our Resistance Bands come as a pair: a pink one and a purple one. The pink band is the 'lighter' band and has naturally less resistance than the purple band, which is designed for what are traditionally 'heavier' exercises.

And this is why you NEED our Resistance Bands in your life:

1. They are like having lots of different sets of weights!

Different areas of your body are stronger than others. If you did side raises, you'd likely use 1 to 3 kilo dumbbells. Whereas if you were doing weighted squats, you might use 8 kilo dumbbells. And Romanian deadlifts, you might use 10 plus kilo dumbbells. 

If you were doing all of these exercises at home, you'd need lots of different sets of dumbbells, or weights. With our Resistance Bands, you can create the equivalent of ALL of these different weight levels just through adjusting the amount of resistance on the bands.

The firmer the band, the greater the resistance, or in other terms, the higher the 'weight'!

2. They can travel with you!

Our Resistance Bands are 350 grams, light enough for you to carry them with you EVERYWHERE! We have BBB Babes who do their 30 minute Bandbook workout in their office in their lunch break. Other BBB Babes do their workout in their dorm room. Others travel with them religiously and workout in their hotel room. Our Resistance Bands are the most versatile piece of gym equipment you'll ever own!

3. They are effective AND safe!

Resistance bands are more gentle to your body when compared to weights, so you are less likely to injure yourselves. If you see a physiotherapist about an injury and they prescribe exercises, they are likely to suggest the use of resistance bands. And if you drop a resistance band on your foot, you won't break it. Whereas drop a weight on your foot, and that would be another story. 

What exercises can I do with resistance bands?

The short answer is... LOTS! We use over 100 different exercises in 60 different workouts in The Bandbook

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