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Why Full Body Training beats Split Body Part Training

Why Full Body Training beats Split Body Part Training

Split Body Part Training is where you would do one or two muscle groups of resistance training per session, whereas Full Body Training is trying to hit every muscle group in a single resistance session.

Both methods of training have their pros and cons, but if you are a female here is why FBT is the best way forward.


If you are a beginner that hasn't done much in the way of resistance training in the past, by using FBT you will see results reasonably quickly. If a beginner was to use SBPT, they would find it much harder, and unable to perform to a high level for a long period, as they're not used to the volume.

FBT activates more motor units over the whole body; using the whole body burns more calories and promotes more fat loss.

FBT provides more frequency on each body part, therefore you are training a body part more often over a week; sometimes three or four times compared to one and because you are doing less work at one time, soreness is limited.

Using SBPT, if you miss a workout due to illness or other commitments, you will practically miss those body parts until the next week roles around.

Using SBPT, you would need four to five resistance sessions a week to effectively train your entire body, whereas with FBT, you only need three, so you don’t have to spend as much time training.

FBT provides a more efficient way for females to promote muscle growth. Females naturally have a lower amount of testosterone in their bodies, making it harder to build muscle. Training larger muscle groups and regions spikes these testosterone levels, helping to grow muscle more efficiently.

FBT is functional; you don’t go through a day just using your arms or just using your back. Over the course of a day you might have to run, pull yourself up and push something off you, so on a functional level, it makes more sense that you train how you live.

Once you have been training for a while you might hit a plateau. At this point, you can graduate to different kinds of SBPT that still include a large number of body parts; like push workouts, pull workouts, upper and lower workouts. These still have many of the benefits that FBT has, but you are more conditioned to increase your loads and volume.

80% of Bikini Body Burns resistance workouts are FBT or large body part splits for the reasons mentioned above.

We do incorporate a few workouts where, for example, we base the workout around a body part, but these will incorporate other body parts in the workout for people that can dedicate more time and have been exercising a little bit longer.

SBPT does have its place, but for females trying achieve that healthy bikini body, FBT is the way to go!


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