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What to do when you've finished the 12 Week Challenge?

What to do when you've finished the 12 Week Challenge?

If you have, or are about to, complete the 12 week challenge – congratulations!

Well done! Your BBB family is so proud of you!

But now that you have finished it, you are probably asking yourself what now?

Well, your health and fitness is unfortunately not like a video game - there's no final level or total completion, once you're finished one challenge, there's always another around the corner and you can always make improvements, no matter what.

Your health and fitness is an ongoing pursuit that is lifelong, and should be viewed as such. We hope that the amazing feeling of health, fitness and wellness that you are feeling at this very moment has inspired you to keep going!

Doing a 12 Week Challenge is the perfect way to give yourself a kick-start to keep going into the future.

By doing the challenge you have ingrained 12 weeks of healthy habits. When you finish there can quite easily be a loss of momentum due to the fact you don’t feel as accountable because you are not doing a structured challenge.

However, it is important to realise that you have the capability to keep that momentum going yourself! Especially when you realise you don’t want all that hard work you’ve done to go to waste!

So here are some important tips to keep you motivated after the challenge finishes.

  • Reset your goals. After this challenge, you may have achieved what you wanted to over the 12 week. So it is time to reassess and set some new goals going forward to keep you focused. New goals can make similar workouts feel totally new again, or your goals may shift the type of training you wish to do moving forward. Either way, you'll feel fresh and approach your training with new vigour.
  • Schedule your workouts. If you treat your workouts like an appointment you are less likely to skip them. If you wake up and ask yourself should I work out today? then you’re setting yourself up to miss workouts! By scheduling them into your diary you are less likely to miss them, especially if you are exercising with friends. Make your workouts a part of your life, and your life will become better.
  • It’s not all or nothing. If you miss a few workouts or have a few bad meals it doesn’t cancel out your hard work! The key to your health and fitness is consistency not perfection. Everyone needs a break, or a rest, or a cheat meal thrown into the mix to keep mentally fresh and so your workouts don't feel like work.
  • Keep good support around you. One of the things about remaining fit and healthy after a challenge is surrounding yourself with positive and healthy people. Without the drive of a challenge behind you it is easier to go off track. So keep training with your friends and keep supporting and motivating each other. As always, your BBB Family is always here to help and motivate you!
  • Reward yourself. When you have hit certain goals that you have set for yourself, make sure you reward yourself! Treat yourself to a new gym outfit or a bikini! Knowing that you have a treat waiting for you when you hit a goal can really help to motivate you.
  • Be accountable to somebody. If you need extra help staying on track, become accountable to somebody other than yourself. It might just be your workout buddy, but if you have somebody that you can check-in with each week to keep yourselves on track, the results might be easier to achieve. And don't forget, there's nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition!

We have two more challenges planned for 2017! One will commence on the 7th of May and the other on the 27th of August. If you would like to join us, check back on the website or Social Media for details on how to enter!

Simon & Karina xx


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