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What to do for after-workout soreness

What to do for after-workout soreness

Muscle soreness is just small, micro tears is the muscle. 

When you work out your muscles receive a small amount of trauma and small micro tears form. Understandably, in the days following, this can lead to soreness. Now, that might sound scary, but don't fret - this is your body making progress and getting stronger and fitter. There is nothing wrong this; it's just how muscles become stronger. When you recover the small tears connect and become stronger, so the fitter and stronger you get the less likely it is that you will have muscle soreness.

Sometimes, when people start working out, they think they will get that sore every time and stop exercising out of fear of constant soreness. But once you have exercised consistently for a few weeks the muscle soreness becomes very minor, so stick with it!

When you are sore, however, there are ways to reduce it.

  • When you are feeling sore, make sure you keep moving! Sitting down and keeping still for long periods stiffens the muscles, so keeping the muscles warm and stretched will reduce the soreness and help you recover faster.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the muscles hydrated and aid their recovery.

  • Another trick to help reduce soreness is to take a magnesium supplement. Magnesium will reduce the lactic acid in your body, which is one of the reasons you are sore and helps keep the muscles hydrated also.

  • If you are sore, try not to workout that area of your body for a few days. The most important thing in getting the results you are looking for is having the appropriate recovery through rest and nutrition. When you recover correctly, you get the maximum results out of your workout.

It is important to remember that muscle soreness isn’t a gauge of how effective your workout is. Due to different reasons someone who feels sore and someone who doesn’t can have the exact same effectiveness and results! Listen to your body and react accordingly. Either way, soreness is a sign that your workouts are working and you're making progress. Go girl!



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