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Top 5 Worst Fitness Industry Trends

Top 5 Worst Fitness Industry Trends

In the last 20 years the fitness industry has exploded! 

Before this explosion, there may have been a few membership gyms with aerobics classes, a handful of bodybuilders that would hunker down and train non-stop, and the odd smattering of people partaking in a new fad called 'jogging'.

But, now, with the explosion of the Internet, the exercise and diet options are seemingly endless! With so many options and conflicting information, it can be hard to know what's right and what's wrong. 

The true answer is that there is no over-arching correct answer or solution for everyone, because everybody is different and everybody has different goals.

But, in the way there are no correct answer, there definitely wrong answers and with the proliferation of the Internet and Social Media, there are standout trends and fads that you should try to avoid.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Fitness Industry Trends to avoid:

  1. Multi Level Marketing Magic Potions.

Where do you start with this one!? Here we are talking about Isogenix, Juice Plus, Herbalife and Kato. These companies prey on peoples' hope of a quick fix and promise the world. They are cheaply made and are grossly over-priced. The sales rely on people luring their friends to become fellow sales people so they can make money off them and so on and so forth. Stay away! 

  1. Inexperienced Instagram Coaches

Before the Internet allowed anybody to become an overnight fitness coach, trainers would have to study, then gain unpaid work experience before plying their trade. It seems that, these days, anybody with a six-pack on Instagram can give out fitness advice. While there are definitely great, experienced coaches on instagram with great pages, there are 10 times as many cowboys shooting advice from the hip that doesn’t add up. Make sure you do your research before you start following anyone's online advice. Or, you could just stay right here and be safe in the knowledge that our training team from Starke Fitness are incredibly educated and qualified.

  1. Waist Trainers

These are a corset-like garment that sucks in your middle/waist. You may have seen celebs like the Kardashians promoting these in the past. They are supposed to train your waist to be skinnier. The bottom line is that once you take it off... nothing happens. A “waist” of money!

  1. Juice Cleanses

A juice cleanse consists of taking everything out of your diet for certain period of time and replacing it with a cleansing juice, skinny tea or some other cocktail. The problem is that your body does a great job of cleansing itself; while adding certain things and taking them away from your diet can help it, taking everything out can result in muscle loss, gaining fat, decreased immune system and reduced energy levels. Balance is the key... not cleansing or fasting.

  1. Crossfit

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with Crossfit... just a certain aspect of it. At the elite level, Crossfit is a great sport and the idea of Crossfit is a good one - anything that encourages people to get active and move their bodies in functional ways should be applauded. But one of the main aspects of Crossfit is Olympic lifting. Movements like Cleans and Snatches. These are fast, powerful movements that are only meant to be done in low reps. Encouraging inexperienced lifters to before perform these movements, for high reps, and while fatigued, is a recipe for injury... and really bad injuries at that. Be careful if you Crossfit!


Aug 09, 2017 • Posted by Kirbie Moore


Just wanted to leave some feedback. I find the font colour quite hard to read. Otherwise great :)

Aug 09, 2017 • Posted by Hailee Melanson

You see these everywhere too. It’s nice to see honest people. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been for most of these, but I know friends that do them constantly and see quick, non lasting results. It’s also hard seeing then try so hard at something and get undesired results. You’re a gem, karina! Xo love from canada

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