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Survive the Silly Season

Survive the Silly Season

Six tips to keep you on track over the silly season.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas lunch that turns into four days of delicious leftovers. Holidays. New Year’s Eve. For those BBB babes trying to be health conscious it can be a trying time of the year! 

Here are our six tips to help keep you on track over this time of year:

  1. Exercise portion control!

Christmas is often a time of overeating rather than bad eating. Rather than having a plate piled high with food, halve your calorie intake by eating the same foods but just fill half your plate up. After you have eaten, rather than reaching for seconds, let your food settle and see if you are still hungry half an hour later.

  1. Eat a healthy meal before you head out!

If you are heading out to a party, eat a nutritious meal before you go out. This way, you will be less inclined to be tempted by anything fried or sweet. If you are heading out for a meal, choose a lean cut of meat from the menu with a side of vegetables or a salad. Put down the fries!

  1. Hit the dance floor!

Dancing is an amazing way to burn calories! On average you will burn 400 calories per hour of dancing, so wear some comfortable shoes (pffft as IF!) and release your inner Beyonce. 

  1. Avoid cocktails at all costs!

The average cocktail has more sugar and calories in it than a chocolate bar. Crazy! We at BBB prefer not to drink alcohol, but if you would like to: choose a vodka-tonic with fresh lime as it has the least amount of calories. 

  1. Increase your workouts! 

If you have worked that little bit harder, you will be less likely to feel guilty when you do head out. And it is important that you enjoy yourself when you head out, otherwise you might as well stay home and munch on some carrot sticks. And where’s the fun in that!? 

  1. Get back on track asap!

It's ok to let your hair down every now and again, but get back on track straight as soon as possible. It takes four weeks to create a habit but only a few days to break it. So don't undo weeks of your hard work by putting off that training session for a few days, get back on track straight away. 

We wish you a happy and safe Silly Season!

Karina & Simon xxx



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