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Another of our BBB Mums has reached out to let us know how she is tracking; and she made our day in the process!



Stephanie has been brave enough to share her EIGHT WEEK progress with her BBB family! Stephanie is doing our 12 Week Challenge and sent us this inspiring message a couple of weeks ago:


“I am sending over my week 8 update photo! I can’t believe the change! I have been avoiding taking side by side pics but I don’t know why I waited! I am loving myself! Finally!"
"I don’t care about the numbers on the scale, but its been a journey and just another thing to be able to see great results with! I started out at 125 pounds, pre-baby, then weighed 187 pounds the day I gave birth. I was at a standstill for a long time, but kept pushing through and am currently 126... and so tight and toned!"
"I know that I can’t get rid of the stretch marks, but damn, I feel so good about myself! I finally put on a bikini again! It’s not just physical, it’s also mental and has been such a great experience for me. Thank you so much guys for this, it really is life changing!"


What a yummy mummy! We LOVE your stretch marks, they’re beautiful and a badge of honour! Well done Stephanie, we’re so proud of you!


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