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Smoothies and juices are healthy, right!?

Smoothies and juices are healthy, right!?

Babe, we are so sorry to be the one to break this to you, but generally speaking…. NO!

Most smoothies and juices contain more sugar in them than a can of coke AND a snickers bar combined!

Juices, cold-pressed juices, cleansing juices… we could go on for hours about them! But in a sentence: juicing, by its very definition, strips away the fibre content of fruits and vegetables, i.e. all the goodness! That pulpy bit that is thrown out is actually the beneficial part. Juices taste delicious, but the high sugar content overrides the minimal benefit that your body will actually receive from consuming a juice.

If you want to make your own juice at home, rather than ‘juicing’ – blend!

Blending is great as you aren’t stripping away all the goodness; and it’s a great way to consume vegetables!

Some tips to make your blended ‘juice’ as healthy as possible:

  1. For every piece of fruit, add 1-2 times the amount of vegetables
  2. Use berries as your fruit over melons, pineapple and mango which are higher in sugar
  3. Half a frozen banana really thickens up your juice - and tastes delicious!
  4. Our fave vegies to blend are fresh spinach leaves, kale, cucumber, celery and carrot
  5. Add in a handful of ice, it will make it very refreshing!
  6. Squeeze in a little lemon juice, it will give it a nice zing and lemon has LOADS of health benefits
  7. Use water or coconut water as the base, not bottled juice

And as for smoothies, next time you’re glancing at a smoothie menu, or want to whiz up your own, here’s what we recommend:

natural yoghurt
protein supplement
whole fruit and vegetables (e.g. banana)
milk, water or coconut water
nuts and seeds
chia seeds
low fat yoghurt (FULL of sugar!)
fruit juice
ice-cream (sorry babes, we know its yummy)
honey (unless you specify a teaspoon amount, then it’s a )

Happy blending! xx


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