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Should you do our 12 Week Challenge?

Should you do our 12 Week Challenge?

The BBB 12 Week Challenge is back!

It seems like you can't get enough of our Challenges, and with the results we’ve had so far this year, who can blame you!?

Our next 12 Week Challenge starts on Sunday 27th August and finishes just before Thanksgiving on Saturday 18 November.

When you join The Challenge, you will receive fitness hints and tips from Simon - Karina’s personal trainer and BBB business partner. You will also be able to offer encouragement and ask questions to all of the other BBB Babes doing The Challenge through Social Media - #BBB12weekchallenge.

So should you do the Challenge?

The answer comes down to whether or not you need a little extra motivation to help you along the way. You may be coasting through your fitness journey and no longer progressing, or you may be struggling to get started in the first place!

Ask yourself this question:

Are you well on your way to reaching your health and fitness goal?

If the answer is YES, then it’s more than likely that you don’t need the extra little ‘push’ that a Challenge will give you.

But, if the answer is NO, then you should definitely join The Challenge!

Still not sure?

Here’s what some of our previous Challengers have had to say about doing a Challenge:

Destiny Ruiz

“This is the first challenge that I've completed and actually noticed results! With the Bikini Body Burn program I've reached my goal weight of 130 lbs. Thank you for making this program and for being a huge supporter in self-confidence!”

Stephanie Vines

“I have always been into working out and fitness but after having a baby (I know I know the same old story), I wasn't feeling great and wasn't getting results like I used to. So, I got my Bandbook back in Feb and still didn't get into it like I should have! But then The Challenge came about and it seriously was a boot in the ass and got me going! I stuck to it, and killed it! I feel amazing.” 

Alexia Barnabe 

“Thank you for all the changes you've brought into my life! I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. The Challenge was definitely worth it! I am now the best version of myself and I will keep going!”

If you would like to join The Challenge, sign up here!

And girls always remember, you’re all amazing and perfect just as you are.


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Aug 16, 2017 • Posted by Zoe Travaglione

I just bought the 12 week guide, could do with some extra support with a whole group doing it together :)

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