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RUNNER UP 2 - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018!

RUNNER UP 2 - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018!

BBB Babes, put your hands together for one of your two runners up from our latest 12 Week Challenge... Shannon Stevens! The amazing Shannon has gone from skinny fat to fit, toned and unbelievably strong. We are so happy for her!

Shannon started the challenge in tears after looking at her before photos, and finished the challenge also in tears, but this time from happiness over her results. Shannon is the epitome of strength, we're so proud to have her as a part of of Bikini Body Burn family! LOOK at what she has achieved... her smile says it all!

Shannon has achieved these amazing results using our 12 Week Guide. Here is what Shannon had to say:

"Wow!!! I just want to take the time to thank you for such a comprehensive and well put together program that works!!

I had reached an absolute low point in my life as I was living on a tropical island in Thailand! HUH?! I know right... I decided to do my yoga teacher training as that was the only form of exercise I had ever actually done in my adult life, I needed the mental balance as much as the physical. I was flexible but I was the definition of skinny fat, even post training. I had started teaching but found that I was lacking the strength required to actually perform a lot of the poses. I was constantly tired and my go to breakfast was cheeseburgers (they seemed to tick all the boxes of required food groups if you put an egg on top). Something had to give! 

I joined a gym and was trying my best to get a workout in a few times a week, mainly just training one part of my body a time. When I found Bikini Body Burn I hummed and hawed for three weeks as the start date began to draw closer. I was trying my best in the gym and eating what I thought was a healthy diet but nothing was really happening. Buying your program has changed my whole perspective on living a balanced healthy lifestyle. First off, who knew you needed that much protein and that changing the way food is approached doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems?! Not this girl! The 12 week guide was so easy to follow and I could steadily feel myself getting stronger week after week. By the end I couldn’t believe that I was crushing the circuits and even adding EXTRA weight. 

There have been plenty of tears over the last three months. The first time was when I took my before pictures and was shocked by how my body looked. The second came week 3 when I started to get headaches while going to the gym, maybe I’m just not meant to be doing this, I thought. I upped my water intake and headed back in after a couple days off, I was going to succeed. The tears came back again when I took my half way photos week 6 and could see that something was happening, it was here my mindset began to shift. I loved getting up to do the circuits, I started craving my post workout shake instead of ice cream. However, the tears came back again but this time they were laughter induced! In week 10 I pushed myself so hard I peed my pants a little and it was a combination of embarrassment & pride as I had officially pushed myself to new extremes! And finally, the tears came back today. Pride, accomplishment and straight up self love that I have never felt before when I finished my final wall sit. 

Thank you for the guidance and support this program offers to women who feel lost. You have made it easy to find the path to a fuller, better and balanced lifestyle.

I have enclosed my before and after photos and one lone bikini shot that someone snuck of me a few weeks before I started the program. My iPhone decided to live out its best life at the bottom on the ocean so I don’t actually have my before measurements. Not like you could measure the glow that I feel inside anyways. 
I am beginning to travel South America at the end of August and I will certainly be buying the Bandbook to take with me! Thank you again Karina & Simon for allowing the light to enter back into my life."

Shannon has already been rewarded with health and fitness (which really is the best prize), but to sweeten this a little more, as a Runner Up, she also receives AU$250 and a Moana Bikini of her choice.

If you would like to join our next 12 Week Challenge, please click here - we would love to have you! 


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