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RUNNER UP 1 - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018!

RUNNER UP 1 - 12 Week Challenge 2/2018!

BBB Babes, put your hands together for one of your two runners up from our latest 12 Week Challenge... Tiffany Ellsworth! Tiffany has lost almost 50 centimetres off her entire body. We are soooooo proud!!! 

Tiffany achieved these phenomenal results combining workouts from both the 12 Week Guide and The Bandbook. Starting the 12 Week Challenge on the back of an injury, Tiffany credits our Resistance Bands with helping to rehabilitate her and get get back on track with an exercise routine. When we found this out, we did a literal jump for joy as getting back to health is what Bikini Body Burn is allll about!

And check out these results... I mean COME ON!!! We are soooo proud!

Here is what Tiffany had to say (and it made us love her even more, this girl is AMAZING):

“I started this BBB challenge because I have always been a really active person but I was having some serious trouble getting motivated and I couldn’t pick any goals to motivate me. I play soccer and I injured my hip last year so heavy lifting with weights at the gym was too painful. This I think contributed to my struggle for motivation, when I couldn’t lift as much or run without it hurting. I bit the bullet and bought the guides. I couldn’t be more happy [with] my results!!!

I have a new mentality and a new found motivation. I love all the Bandbook workouts and the resistance training has actually been the only thing to strengthen my hips again and be able to go back to weights and sprints. The guidebook is excellent I don’t even have to think what I am doing but show up knuckle down and get the workout done.

It also made me get back on track with my eating. I’m not going to lie it took me a slow few weeks of dragging myself to go to the gym or my bf dragging me there but in the end it was me saying let’s go I have time now or if I just go the next 2 days I can enjoy my weekend and relax.

Even posting on Instagram as a requirement was such a great way to keep me motivated I love inspiring other girls to be confident with what they have and it’s so beautiful to have ladies come up to me at work and tell me they were doing a handstand and their top was sliding down and they thought of my post and thought who cares or that I have inspired them.

I also purchased my first new to me Moana Bikini bottom in this challenge and it has just made me feel like such a babe in my own skin. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this challenge and I am looking forward to moving forward and possibly committing to the next challenge.”

Tiffany has already been rewarded with health, which is the greatest wealth! But to sweeten this a little more, as a Runner Up Tiffany has won AU$250 and her second Moana Bikini of her choice. 

If you would like to join our next 12 Week Challenge, please click here - we would love to have you!


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