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Rock body confidence!

Rock body confidence!

Girls, if there is one thing that we want you to realise above everything else it is this…


Every single person has, what society has taught us are, ‘imperfections’; stretch marks, cellulite, bones that stick out, blotchy skin, boobs that are too small, boobs that are too big, eyes too close together, eyes too far apart, too tall, too short, acne, a flat booty. The list is endless!

If you look at the word ‘imperfection’ slightly differently, however, it turns into I’m Perfection. And that is how we choose to look at all of our individual traits.

This is a choice. You can choose to look at what society perceives to be a fault as an imperfection, or you can choose to look at it as a way of making you stand out from the crowd. And if you spend your days trying to change ‘it’, that will only lead you to being unhappy. If you choose to spend your days rocking ‘it’, it will make you happy!

Just look at our BBB Queen Karina! She absolutely rocks body confidence! But she didn’t always. She used to be conscious of cellulite, the eczema she had been dealing with since she was a child and her bigger booty that meant she found it really hard to find jeans that fit.

By not being able to find jeans that fit, it was like society was telling her she needed to have a smaller booty. But, instead of trying to lose weight to fit into society's ideal, she embraced her body. And now if you ask her, she would tell you that she loves her cellulite and bigger booty… they are hers to own and she well and truly owns them! And let’s be honest, it’s why we all love her too!

Another BBB team member, Tammi, had a caesarean section earlier in the year which has left her with a really prominent scar. She spent months resigned to the fact that she would never be able to wear a bikini again as the scar sits just above the top of the bikini bottom. But, after some chats with the BBB team, she had a lightbulb moment; she now sees her scar as something to be proud of! She threw out her one pieces and is back in bikinis and is proudly rocking what she calls her ‘tiger stripe’.

It is a choice. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. So instead of looking at your (for example) cellulite as something that should be hidden, look at it as something to celebrate! It’s what makes you stand out from all the other BBB babes. After all, wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same!?

And here is our best hint for rocking body confidence… picture yourself as Beyonce. Don’t laugh, this actually works! Tomorrow morning, walk out of your front door believing you are Beyonce. When people look at you, believe that they are thinking what people who look at Beyonce would think… ‘damn gurl, you’re hot!’

After all, who runs the world…. GIRLS!


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