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Our girl has achieved her goals with BBB!

Our girl has achieved her goals with BBB!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our BBB Babes achieving their goals! We might sound like broken records when we say this, but NOTHING is more important than your health! It doesn't matter if you are big or small, short or tall, what matters is that you are fit and healthy.

And when you chase fitness and health... the transformation will follow. We pinky promise! And if you need proof, look no further than this gorgeous BBB Babe, Kamilah!

Kamilah's goal was to lose excess fat and improve her overall strength and health. In committing to a 12 week timeline to achieve this, Kamilah has gone from feeling sluggish with aches and pains, to having boundless energy and feeling strong! 

This is what Kamilah (@kamigetsfit14) had to say about finishing her 12 week transformation:

"Before, I was feeling sluggish and was having aches and pains that I knew were because of the extra weight. My clothes became restricting and I wasn’t feeling as confident. I am so happy I did this! I’m most proud of sticking with the healthy eating. I cut down my drinking. I only drank alcohol 4 times total during this challenge. I also was active in some form on a daily basis. I met my move, stand, and workout goal almost every single day of this challenge. I also drastically increased my water and vegetable intake! I feel so much healthier and stronger. I’ve never been so routined into working out before. I also don’t crave bread or pasta like I used to! Couldn’t be happier with how healthy I feel and with how I look. Going to continue to crush my goals! Loving this lifestyle change and looking forward to being healthy and active the rest of my life. 💪🏾"

Kamilah accomplished what she did by following the workouts from our 12 Week Guide and the Maintain meal plan from EAT Nutrition Guide

Well done Kamilah - we are so happy for you! 

Karina + Simon x

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