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Our first Macro Map success story!

Our first Macro Map success story!

Before we release anything here at Bikini Body Burn, we try and test it on ourselves, the BBB team, friends, family; basically anyone we can get our hands on! We try everything out for one reason - to know for ourselves that it works.

The lucky girl who got to test the Macro Map was BBB team member, Tammi. And her before and after speaks for itself! This is what just 30 days of following the guidelines of the Macro Map (without any exercise) looks like. What a result!

Tammi dropped 10 centimetres just from her waist! In total, she lost 18 centimetres across her whole body. Tam doesn't own scales, so she doesn't have a clue how much weight she's lost, but she thinks its probably 4 or 5 kilos. What she weighs doesn't matter, the pictures and measurements tell the story perfectly... the Macro Map works!

Here is what Tammi had to say:

"When Simon told me what I could achieve in 30 days if I followed the parameters of my own Macro Map, I didn't believe him. Well, I'm so happy to admit that I was wrong and he was right, because holy guacamole - my whole body has changed! I'm stoked! I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for years!

And I did this without any form of exercise, not even walking. In 30 days, I didn't close my move or exercise goal on my Apple Watch once. I didn't want the pressure of meal prepping and being 100% clean AND exercising. For me, if I place too much pressure on myself to 'do it all', I fail. And I wanted to give this Macro Map test the attention it deserved to see for myself that it could work. 

When I got my Macro Map, I didn't think I was too far off the calories or macros that were suggested for me to meet my target to lose 5 kilos. I couldn't have been more wrong! When I input my food into My Fitness Pal, I was shocked. I was eating wayyyy too many carbs and hardly any fat at all. It was eye opening. 

I overhauled my diet completely. As Simon suggested in my Macro Map, I cut all processed food, grains and sugar and ate 100% clean. I cooked EVERYTHING. And I've never done that before! The sugar cravings were real, but I got through them and now I don't even want anything sweet. I've also stuck with iced blacks with a dash of almond milk, when back on day 1 I thought they tasted like toilet water. Now I love them! 

I am so happy with what I've achieved thanks to my Macro Map! If anyone is thinking about getting one and following it, my advice is - do it!! I gained confidence, knowledge and the feeling of accomplishment that I haven't had for years. I overcame the hurdle to start my journey back to reclaiming the me that existed before my last baby - I am STOKED!

Thank you Simon for my Macro Map!"

Our Macro Map is your personal road map to achieve your goal, whatever that may be. In Tam's case, it was to lose weight. But we have also done hundreds of Macro Maps for girls who want to gain weight too, and for others who don't want to lose or gain weight, but rather to change their body composition.

Whatever your goal - we've got you! Get your Macro Map here


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