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Our Co-Founder - Karina Irby!

Our Co-Founder - Karina Irby!

Here she is BBB Babes, our Co-Founder, Karina Irby! Wow right! Karina walked into Starke Fitness almost four years ago now, with one simple goal: increase her energy.

At her trainer (Simon's) recommendation, Karina more than doubled what she would usually eat and started resistance training. Her energy went through the roof! And her physical transformation followed. Karina is proof that you can change your entire shape with dedication and the right assistance!

Simon takes his clients measurements and keeps them in their personal file. Out of interest, a few months ago now, Simon re-took Karina's measurements to see how much her measurements had changed. We were all shocked at just how much of a change their had been!

Below are Karina's measurements:

3 June 2015 13 Feb 2018  Change
Right arm 25.1cm 26.5cm + 1.4cm
Chest 87.5cm 91.6cm + 4.1cm
Stomach 69.5cm 67.5cm - 2cm
Hips (booty) 98.2cm 105.7cm + 7.5cm
Right thigh 54.5cm 61cm + 6.5cm
Right calf 35cm 37cm + 2cm

Message from Karina:

To all of the BBB Babes who struggle to gain weight or think that they will never be able to be shapely... trust me, you can! I used to be that girl. And what I've learnt is that there is no 'quick fix'. It takes dedication. And time. Lots of time. There are three/four years between my before and after photos. 

When Simon first told me to eat more, I thought he was crazy. I had been conditioned to believe that tiny meals and/or skipping meals was 'healthy'. It wasn't. It was ruining my energy levels. Through his education I first changed myself on the inside, and the changes on the outside followed. 

It is through my success story with Simon that Bikini Body Burn was born. I wanted as many girls as possible to learn what I had learnt! Everything Simon knows has been transferred into our guides. He has been a trainer for over 20 years, he knows what works. Just look at my results!

Whatever your goal, you can achieve it - if I can do it, you can too!

You will not get results like Karina's doing our 12 Week Challenge (her transformation took years). The Challenge will however get you started on your journey. So if you would like to join us, please do so! We would love to have you!

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May 08, 2018 • Posted by Osama Mansour Ahmed

Good work Karina, very hot body

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