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Not seeing the results you want?

Not seeing the results you want?

What if you’re not seeing the results you want?

It’s week 8 of the 12 Week Challenge… your energy has increased and you are so much stronger than when you started! But, damn, you don’t look like Karina yet!?

What the heck is going on!?

Thanks to all of the advertisements that diet pill and detox companies bombard us with, girls genuinely believe that they can change their whole body shape in just a couple of months. Unfortunately that's not entirely true.

Sure, by week 8 you can expect to see some change, but true, ‘oh wow you’ve been working out’ comments from your friends type changes, well, they take a lot longer than 8 weeks.

So, how long will it take?

For some, six months. For others, a year. For others, two. For Karina, her body changed noticeably after roughly 6 months, drastically over 18 months and now she is just maintaining her current fitness level.

Remember, there are three years between these two photos:

If we included a photo of her 8 weeks after she started training at Starke Fitness, you would hardly see a change at all. Emphasis on ‘see’ - to Karina, the changes after 8 weeks were evident in the way she felt and approached her training and diet.

If you are one of those BBB babes who isn’t seeing the result that you want, here are some words of encouragement from Karina:

  • What I remember after my first 8 weeks of training is how amazing I felt! I loved the feeling of getting stronger, it was so empowering and motivating! Especially after years of cardio, I wasn’t expecting to feel as different as I did after switching to resistance training – I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. Those feelings were all the motivation that I needed, I never wanted to stop; and I still don’t!
  • Do you remember why you started this journey? I am willing to bet a part was to feel more energy and feel more alive - you're a BBB Babe after all, it can't all be about a number on the scales, it can't be! Aren’t you already feeling so much better than when you started! Let that feeling motivate you!
  • I have always had a curvy body; my curves were just a lot less defined and smaller before I started training. If I was training to look like Cameron Diaz, I wouldn’t be able to do it as I don’t have Cameron’s amazing body shape. Embrace the shape that you are and work on making it the best, healthiest version of itself that it can be!
  • If I have a photoshoot coming up, I am super strict with my diet. My workouts are always consistent, so the way that I control the effects of the workouts is through my diet. I see changes more quickly that way. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, be really strict with your own diet as it will help speed up the process. Remember that the 12 Week Guide holds some amazing nutritional tips to keep you on the right path.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you put weight on, I did! Muscle weighs a lot more than fat, so when you first start resistance training it isn’t uncommon to either maintain your weight or put weight on. But remember, you’ve still burnt off kilos of fat – you just can’t tell on the scales as you’ve put on kilos of muscle to replace it, but in the long run, you'll be looking and feeling a whole lot better!

We’re here with you every step of the way! And so is the rest of your BBB family!

Post photos and reach out to other BBB babes, it’s such a great way to stay motivated.

Don’t give up, keep going and always feel welcome to drop us a line to get some advice.

Simon & Karina xx 

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Mar 20, 2017 • Posted by Tenaya

I wanna look like Karina. She is legit body goals?

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