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Jamie Hintz

Jamie Hintz

Jamie is a star!

Jamie is a long-time BBB advocate and her training and progress is truly an inspiration to us all. We love nothing more than seeing our BBB Babes excel and Jamie is truly one of the family that has changed her life for the better in so many ways.

You go, girl, we love you!

"This transformation is from the end of my Senior Year in high school to end of my Senior Year in college. It's been a long four years, with a lot of ups and downs, but I've finally made friends with the gym! We used to be frenemies, for sure, ha!"

"I can honestly thank Bikini Body Burn for that though. The Guide rocks and it got me to enjoy working out again."

"I think I weigh around the same in both pics; normally between 135 -145 lbs, but I don't ever really check anymore! I like looking at pictures better than a number anyway. My advice is to just find what works for you. If that's weights/running/eating/etc then do what makes you happy. For me, it's eating and weights."


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