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Is our 12 Week Challenge for YOU?

Is our 12 Week Challenge for YOU?

If you have been looking for a little post New Years motivation, here it is.... our 12 Week Challenge is back!

The Holiday Revenge Challenge starts on Monday 14 January and finishes on Sunday 7 April. 

When you join The Challenge, you will gain exclusive access to the Holiday Challenge Squad facebook group! In this group you will have direct access to Simon - Karina’s personal trainer and BBB business partner, as well as Lana, our other amazing BBB trainer.  

Should you do the Challenge?

The answer comes down to whether or not you need a little extra motivation to help you along the way. You may be coasting through your fitness journey and no longer progressing, or you may be struggling to get started in the first place!

Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose fat, become fitter, or to have more energy, ask yourself this question:

Are you well on your way to reaching your goal?

If the your answer is no, then you should join our Holiday Revenge Challenge. We are here for you, BBB Babe!

How to join the Holiday Revenge Challenge

1. Either:

Purchase one of our new Holiday Revenge Challenge Bundles:


Have already purchased BOTH the 12 Week Guide AND either EAT or Vegain

2. Join our exclusive Holiday Revenge Challenge Squad on Facebook - click here

Still not convinced? Here are just some of the amazing results our BBB Babes have achieved in past 12 Week Challenges:


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