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How to change your body shape!... (if that's your goal)

How to change your body shape!... (if that's your goal)

And BBB Babes... we'll give you a little hint, it's a type of training that rhymes with 'persistence'!

That's right... the answer is RESISTANCE training. And if you aren't quite sure what resistance training is, it is: 

'Increasing muscle strength by making your muscles work against resistance created either by weights, your own body weight or resistance bands.'

There are still a few of you who might believe that resistance training will make you big and bulky. And this couldn't be further from the truth! 

Remember the story of Sad Sally from our 12 Week Guide?...

Sally wanted to lose some fat and change her body shape. She wanted a curvier booty and an overall more toned look.

Sally went about achieving this by doing what she thought was right: increasing the amount of cardio she had been doing and decreasing her calorie intake. Committed to her goal, Sally upped her cardio sessions to running 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) four times a week and doing an hour on the cross-trainer at the gym once a week. She also decreased her calorie intake by eating about a third less than she normally would. 

At the end of week one, Sally weighed herself and was excited to see that she had lost 3 kilos (6.6 pounds)! This motivated her even more, so she kept on with her cardio sessions and reduced calorie intake.

At the end of week two, Sally weighed herself and was surprised that she had only lost 500 grams (1.1 pounds). She thought she must not have worked hard enough, so she increased her running sessions to 7 kilometres.

At the end of week three, Sally weighed herself and was shocked to see that she hadn't lost any more weight at all.

At the end of week four, Sally still hadn't lost any more weight. And when she looked in the mirror she also wasn't seeing the shapely body that she had set out to achieve. 

Disheartened, during week five Sally didn't exercise at all and ate her normal amount of calories. 

At the end of week five, Sally weighed herself and was stunned to see that she had GAINED back the weight she had lost. She didn't understand what had gone wrong?!?

This is why the imaginary Sally is known as 'Sad Sally'... because despite being 100% dedicated to her goal, she didn't achieve it. 


Sally set out to achieve her goal by completing excessive cardio and calorie restriction, which burns away muscle. The weight loss that Sally experienced in the first week was due to losing muscle, she didn't lose any fat. And when you burn muscle, your body loses fat burning effectiveness. 

As soon as Sally stopped worked out and resumed her normal calorie intake, her body gained back the weight as fat, not muscle. It happened so quickly as she had reduced her body's ability to effectively metabolise her food intake. In other words, she had slowed her metabolism by burning away her muscle.


Resistance training! Resistance training is the most effective way to build muscle. And when you build muscle, you naturally burn fat, giving you a more 'toned' appearance and shapely appearance. 

If Sally had incorporated resistance training into her weekly workout schedule and NOT cut back her calories, but rather increased her protein and fat content, she would have seen a very different result.

ALL of our workouts incorporate resistance training! It is key to being fit on the inside as well as on the outside. 

If these amazing BBB Babes can use our guidance to change their shape, you can do! You've got this!

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Jul 26, 2018 • Posted by Gracie

I’m so excited to start this challenge and feel confident and healthy with myself both mind and body.

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