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Holiday Revenge Challenge WINNER!!... Jessica!

Holiday Revenge Challenge WINNER!!... Jessica!

We are so very happy to announce the WINNER of our recent 12 Week Challenge - Jessica Ryan! Visually, Jessica has one of the best results that we have ever seen in a challenge. And she was fit coming into the challenge, which goes to show how great a role nutrition plays in a transformation!

Jess's goal for the challenge was to lose weight and gain strength while also gaining confidence in herself and her body. Jess spent three years trying to achieve this goal before deciding to try our 12 Week Challenge. Well, it got her across the line - Jess has well and truly achieved her goal! We are so happy for her! 

Jess lost 4% body fat, 7 kilos and 39 centimetres (15+ inches) off her body (almost half of that is off her thighs). And she reports that she is more knowledgeable, stronger and confident than ever. Well done Jess!

This is what Jessica had to say about finishing the 12 Week Challenge

"Previous to this challenge I had been struggling between 70 and 72kg, going to the gym 3-4 times a week and not seeing any progress. I had no idea about nutrition and how to look after my body.

This challenge provided me with the knowledge of how to fuel my body and what kinds of foods I should be eating. I was able to implement this into my daily life with ease following the recipes in EAT. This challenge also helped me to develop a consistent workout routine with a range of exercises. I never got bored and it felt good to challenge myself as the weeks got more difficult. I also loved having the support of the other girls. It helped my confidence to grow and allowed me to be apart of a positive community. 

I am proud of myself and what I have been able to achieve in just 12 weeks. I went well with completing the workouts each week, meal prepping for lunch and dinner and completing the extra mini challenges.

I was initially scared to post in the [challenge facebook] group but as the challenge went on I found myself posting more with the positive encouragement and support from the other girls in the group and seeing that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. I stayed on track and resisted temptation even when I went out to events and parties as I was happier in how I felt when I was choosing a healthier lifestyle.

I felt like I did the best I could in the 12 weeks and am so thankful to Karina, Simon and the team for helping me to achieve so much!"

Jess followed our 12 Week Guide and the Lose meal plan in EAT Nutrition Guide. As the Winner, Jess has won AU$1000 and a Moana Bikini - talk about the icing on the transformation cake.

Our next challenge starts on 29 April. If you need a little motivation and help, we're here for you - JOIN HERE!


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