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Five foods that are surprisingly high in sugar

Five foods that are surprisingly high in sugar

That feeling when you learn your favourite ‘healthy’ foods are actually full of more sugar than a can of coke and hence are bad for you... sorry, BBB babes, we are about to do that to you now!

Society is going through a ‘fat-free’ epidemic. It sounds good in principle, but when food companies strip away a products natural fat, it also strips away the flavour. So what do they replace it with? Sugar. And sugar, well, there’s a reason it’s called sweet poison; it’s what is making so many people in today’s society overweight.

Here are five foods that are very high in sugar, that will shock you!

Salad Dressings

Sorry babes, we were as shocked as you when we realised! Some of our favourite salad dressings are 30-50% sugar! No wonder we were craving sweets as soon as we finished our salads!


This one drives us craaaaazy as most people assume yoghurt is healthy for you; and it should be! But it isn’t once manufacturing companies add 15% - 25% sugar into it! The average sized tub of yoghurt has almost as many grams of sugar in it as an average sized chocolate bar. Like we said... crazy!

Acai Bowls

Hands up if you think Acai bowls are good for you (whole BBB team raises hands). Well, think again. These little treasure bowls are LOADED with sugar! Depending on the size of the bowl, you will consume between 60 and 100 grams of sugar.

Stir-fry Sauces

Like their evil step sister, tomato sauce (aka ketchup), stir-fry sauces are anywhere from 30 to 50% sugar. Sad, we know! So the next time you use a whole container of stir fry sauce to make a stir fry, remember that you will be better off eating plain chicken and vegetables with a bowl of ice cream for dessert. Crazy!


Who doesn’t love cereal!? It is, unfortunately, FULL of sugar, even the ones that are marketed as being healthy for you. For example, Special K is 15% sugar (and that’s pure sugar, it doesn’t come from fruit) and most mueslis are 20% - 30% sugar (added sugar and fruit).

When considering the above, remember that the recommended daily intake of sugar for an adult female is 25 grams a day, or 6 teaspoons. If you have a bowl of muesli with some fat free yoghurt for breakfast, well you’ve just had your recommended daily intake of sugar before you’ve even started your day. Or, if you have an acai bowl, you will consume 2.5 to 4 times your DAILY recommended amount! Some sweet food for thought.

For more information, check out the nutrition section of our 12 Week Guide.

Simon & Karina xx


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