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Feelin' Myself Challenge WINNER... Jessica!

Feelin' Myself Challenge WINNER... Jessica!

We are jumping up and down excited to announce the WINNER of our latest 12 Week Challenge - Jessica Giovinazzo! Jessica has done herself very proud and has made some big changes in just 12 weeks. We're so proud of her!

Jessica's goal for the challenge was to get out of her unhealthy eating slump and to get back to eating right again (with weight loss as an added bonus!). Jessica followed the Lose meal plan from EAT Nutrition Guide, and fell back in love with living a healthy lifestyle. And hello... LOOK what her newly formed habits achieved! Jessica is glowing!

In 12 weeks, Jessica lost 9 kilos and 33 centimetres across her entire body. But that isn't why we chose her as the winner - we chose Jessica because she made the decision to regain her health, and she did that. And that is in our eyes, the definition of winning!

Congratulations Jessica, we are so very happy for you and very proud of what you have achieved!

This is what Jessica had to say about finishing the 12 Week Challenge:

"My biggest achievement throughout this challenge was being able to find my love for healthy food again! Before the challenge I really struggled to come up with healthy recipes or food that would excite me to eat healthy.  Following the EAT meal plan was super easy and the recipes were quick to cook and super delicious!

The challenge has definetly helped me to build my self confidence up again and feel comfortable in my skin, no matter what I am wearing and who I am with as I have not only lost weight but I overall feel happier with where I am at in life and my lifestyle that I have built over the past 12 weeks, making me proud of who I am and who I have become. Before this challenge began I made a promise to myself that I would push myself to my absolute limit and work hard because I was motivated and determined to get out of this unhealthy rut I was in. I believe I achieved this throughout the challenge and I am super proud of myself being able to complete every workout and follow the meal plan as much as I could and the results following certainly show this!

I just want to say thankyou to you all that are apart of the BBB fam for creating this community for us ladies to be apart of as well as motivating and guiding us to live a lifestyle we will feel happier and healthier in! I cannot wait for the later challenges and surprises in store as well as getting my macro map back so I can begin to follow that!"

Jessica followed our 12 Week Guide and the Lose meal plan in EAT Nutrition Guide. Both guides are available as a discounted bundle here

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