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Feelin' Myself Challenge Runner Up... Stephanie!

Feelin' Myself Challenge Runner Up... Stephanie!

We are so happy to announce our other Runner Up from our latest 12 Week Challenge - Stephanie Shay!!! Stephanie's goal for this Challenge was to tone up her body. After having a baby, Stephanie wanted to get back to feeling and looking like her pre-pregnancy self, and she has well and truly achieved that!  

Stephanie lost over 17 centimetres across her body and gained health, confidence and balance - all of which are invaluable! The difference in Stephanie's figure visually is huge! Stephanie has gained muscle, strength and energy!

To any other Mama's out there, we hope that Stephanie inspires you! She's a reminder for us all that achievement should not be measured by the number on the scales, it should be measured by the challenges that you overcome to achieve your goals. And Stephanie has dominated her personal challenges!

Congratulations Stephanie - thank you for inspiring us and your Bikini Body Burn family!! 

This is what Stephanie had to say about finishing the 12 Week Challenge:

"My goal this challenge was to really tone up my body. At the beginning of this challenge I still had some weight on me from my baby but more so then a specific number I wanted to see my body firmer!

I think I’m most proud of my mental strength this challenge. Being that I started the challenge within 10-15 lbs of my weight before I had my son I think it was much harder to stay motivated when it didn’t feel like the weight was just “falling off”.

This challenge took devotion and CONSISTENCY for me. I had days that I felt discouraged and just plain old worn down and worn out and I am so proud that I pushed through to the end. This challenge has shown me that no matter how hard things get both physically and mentally that I AM capable of pushing through.

More importantly, this program has proven time and time again to transform my body in all of the best ways. It has once again allowed me the flexibility to live my life, raise my kiddos, be social and enjoy life whilst being able to show restraint AND not spend hours on hours in a gym.

To say that I am thankful for the BBB team doesn’t truly express how I feel. This team is so unbelievably supportive and I will forever be a customer of BBB!"  

Stephanie followed our 12 Week Guide and a meal plan in EAT Nutrition Guide. Both guides are available as a discounted bundle here

If you would like to join the Bikini Body Burn family and chat to girls just like you, click here to join our facebook group - no boys allowed, just goal chasing girls!


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