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Feelin' Myself Challenge Runner Up!!... Claire!

Feelin' Myself Challenge Runner Up!!... Claire!

Here she is BBB family - one of our two Runners Up from our latest 12 Week Challenge - Claire Powell! Her smile says it all, Claire has achieved so much over just 12 weeks!

Claire's goals for this Challenge were to be fit for her very first Samba performance, to have better skin and (the one she wanted the most) to have a better relationship with food. And goal chasing Claire achieved all three, check her out in her Samba outfit - gorgeous!

Claire went from yo-yo dieting and eating her feelings, to taking the focus off her weight and eating to fuel her fitness and maintain her energy levels. Claire is a great reminder for us all that it doesn't matter how much you weigh; what matters is that you are fit, healthy and feeling great in the skin that you're in!

Claire lost 11.5 centimetres off her legs alone! She lost another 6 from her tummy, and gained 2 on her arms. She has no idea who much weight she's lost, as she's thrown out her scales (which we are SO proud of)!

Congratulations Claire, we are so happy for you!!! 

This is what Claire had to say about finishing the 12 Week Challenge:

"I've spent years yo-yo dieting and believing food was either "good" or "bad". I associated eating "bad" food with traumatic experiences and felt feelings of shame and guilt and "good" food with being in control and having my life together. Now I eat food because I am hungry, to fuel my body for dance, and because I just like it.
It hasn't been all smooth sailing the last 12 weeks but I am so grateful for the support network this challenge gave me, I don't think I would have had the same success without it. I have fluctuated from my halfway results but I'm actually okay with that, because I feel like I have found a balance that I can maintain. I'm proud of the progress I've made mentally more than physically and can't wait to carry on with this as a lifestyle, not a challenge. Thanks again for all you've done for me and the other girls involved!"


Claire followed our 12 Week Guide and the Lose meal plan in EAT Nutrition Guide. Both guides are available as a discounted bundle here

If you would like to join the Bikini Body Burn family and chat to girls just like you, click here to join our facebook group - no boys allowed, just goal chasing girls!


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