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Can you get a booty like Karina's?

Can you get a booty like Karina's?

Hi BBB babes,

Karina here! I get asked about my booty every day. And here is the answer; if I can transform my body, then you can too!

But, before I get into answering your question properly, I just want to say that each and every body is different and perfect just the way it is. While I am so flattered that some of you aspire to look like me, instead of aspiring to look like me, please aspire to be healthy and fit!

Firstly, I started resistance training to feel better, not to change my body. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just a few weeks of working out, I was hooked! Looking at the physical benefits that I have reaped from sticking to my training, I am the happiest I have ever been in my own skin!

So, now that I’ve said that, I’ll get into what you really want to know… how did I do it?

Basically, I stopped running long distances and started resistance training!

The first photo is before I started resistance training with Simon at Starke Fitness. The second photo is about a year or so into my training. And the last photo is quite recent, two and a half years into my training.

For those of you who have my 12 Week Guide, you will notice how much smaller I am in the photos versus now. Those photos were taken in the middle of 2015, and my body had already changed so much by that point. I can’t believe how much more it has changed with consistent training and eating well!

There has definitely been a big change in my appearance and structure, you’ll see it if you scroll back through my Instagram photos. But what you will also notice that it is a gradual change, and it’s only when you compare photos next to one another, from a couple of years ago, that you really notice the change.

I stopped running long distances - I was the definition of a Sad Sally - and started resistance training at Starke Fitness. I trained, initially, two-to-three times per week for 45 minutes, then upped it to four-to-five times per week. I also go for a three kilometre run once or twice a week, because I still love running on the beach and being in the outdoors – I just don’t run for long distances.

The workouts that I did, and still do, are in my 12 Week Guide. Some of you think that they’re not the workouts that I did because they aren’t booty focused. Simon taught me that you get the best results from whole body workouts, and the proof of that is in my booty! I don’t specifically train my legs or booty, I do the workouts in the 12 Week Guide and I have increased the weight amounts as I’ve gotten stronger.

Any guides that purely focus on only one aspect of your body (i.e. your booty) are not doing you any favours; they will lead to an imbalanced body and don't focus on your overall health and fitness - which, after all, is why you're here, right!?

I hope that this has answered your question, lovelies!

Lots of love, 

- Karina xx


Dec 23, 2017 • Posted by Pam

Karina, even though I’m just reading this, it is so helpful and makes so much sense and I’m so happy you explained this and you still use these workouts. Great Job and wonderful introduction. :-)

Jul 20, 2017 • Posted by Bikini Body Burn

Hi Daphne,
Our 12 Week Guide has great advice and guidance in the specific Nutrition section.
- The BBB Team.

Jun 08, 2017 • Posted by Daphne Gates

Hi I was wondering if your guides show us how to eat well and healthy?

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