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Another amazing transformation - Jenna!

Another amazing transformation - Jenna!

Jenna recently completed our mid-year 12 Week Challenge, and WOW did she do well! Well done Jenna, your BBB family is VERY proud of you!

Here is what Jenna had to say...

"This is my final result of the 12 week challenge and I honestly couldn't be happier with my results! I used to be really insecure about my body and how I looked but I'm completely comfortable now!" 


"My journey through the challenge had its ups and downs but I mostly stayed on track. The hardest part for me was probably not eating carbs, but I think I did pretty good considering I work at a bakery hehe!"


"Another thing I found difficult would be making time for the workouts, between school and work I had to wake up early most mornings to squeeze it in, but I found it made me more happy and energetic throughout the day."


"The food I ate during the challenge, was mostly healthy and filling but I occasionally had some junk food, and I noticed  that I felt disgusting afterwards, is that normal haha?"


"I'd just like to thank you guys so much for creating this challenge because I think it really helps girls gain confidence in their body, because I know it helped me."


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