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Another amazing BBB transformation!

Another amazing BBB transformation!

BBB Babes, please put your hands together for Brittany Morvaji! Woweeee, what a difference Brittany has made!

And when you read what Brittany has to say, well she is is true inspiration. Well done Brittany - we are beyond proud of you! 

This is what Brittany had to say: 

I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you 100x over for your bikini body burn guide. I found it about a year ago and my results make me want to cry.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease around the same time I found your guide. It caused me to have a lot of water retention weight, I was passing out, having seizures, in and out of the hospital so my body kind of just let go for a while, which is okay because everyone needs a break when it’s a medical emergency, but I lost so much confidence within myself because I went from fit and healthy to sick all the time and not being able to take care of my body.

Once I was healthy, and got medications to regulate my symptoms, I started your 12 week guide. It was a struggle let me tell you, my body was so weak at the beginning.

After the 12 weeks, I continued with my own rendition of workouts for a little while and then I hopped back to your twelve week guide for stronger workouts, and now because of you I have a love for living healthy and being strong, and my confidence and positivity is back (and eating that piece of cake every once in a while).

After the second round of your 12 week guide, I have now conformed into a little yogi. I do yoga every single day and I can see the strength in my body grow more and more each day. Karina Irby, I can never thank you enough, you are such a great role model. 

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Jul 26, 2018 • Posted by Courtney

Hi! I was just wondering when you started to see results?

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