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An inspirational BBB Mum... Kayla Pretty-Taylor

An inspirational BBB Mum... Kayla Pretty-Taylor

We have so much love for all of our BBB Mums (or Moms depending on where you are in the world!). Having kids adds a whole new element into finding a balance that includes exercise and healthy eating. 
BBB Mum Kayla Pretty-Taylor hails from Taranaki in gorgeous New Zealand. We first 'met' when she entered our 12 Week Challenge at the beginning of 2017. She went on to win, completely transforming her routine, lifestyle, energy level and body during the Challenge. Since then, she has gone on to compete in the New Zealand Fitness Model Search... and came SECOND! 
Kayla is certainly an inspiration to us and we know she still be to you too - we couldn't keep her all to ourselves anymore! BBB Babes, meet Kayla:
Hey Kayla! Can you tell us a little but about your kids:
Indie is 7, she is pretty much a little mini me loves to work out in my home gym with me. Makes her own YouTube videos, I pretty much need to be a full time editor. Very social loves her friends and loves school. Asher is 5, he is your typical boy 😅 loves sport, cars anything to do with a ball but still loves to give the best hugs 🤗 
Tell us a little bit more about you:
I’m 32 years old, full time mum, work from home in my own hair salon. Studying with Fit College to become a personal trainer. Love to work out, it is my time out and makes me feel alive! Been married for 11 years to Scott. Won the Bikini Body Burn challenge last April and then came 2nd in the New Zealand fitness model search in October for fit mums 🙌🏼 We have a dog called Niko who is also part of the family. 
How many times do you workout in a week and for how long?
I go to boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6-6.45am, home just before 7am. Then I go to the gym most Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6 till around 7. Sometimes I might get another workout in in the evening in my home gym if I can’t make it to boot camp some days. Getting my own equipment is great as then there is no excuses if Scott isn’t home to watch the kids. So normally 5 times a week plus a few walks with the dog when I get a chance. 
How do you manage to balance exercise with mumlife and work?
I always get my workouts in first thing in the morning before the kids are up so then it doesn’t get in the way of Mum life and I don’t get to miss out on anything they get up to. Or late at night when they are in bed. 
What effect did winning the 12 Week Challenge last year have on you?
It gave me so much confidence! And I had no idea [of] my results until I looked at my after photos. I amazed myself and now I know you can achieve anything if you are committed and get yourself into a good routine. 
What are your fave clean recipes that are kid friendly? 
My kids love basic meals like lasagna, nachos, spaghetti bolognese. So I change them up and don’t use the packet stuff but add my own spices, hide all sorts of vegetables in there and now am finding that when I do give them veges they eat them as I guess they are used to the taste anyway. I sometimes swap the spaghetti pasta out for zucchini or carrots spirals made in the vege bullet, and for nacho chips I cut wraps up and bake them in the oven until crispy 🙌🏼
Do you have any advice for other Mums on how to get back to their best? 
Trust the process and understand that results can take time but each step is a step closer to your goal. You will feel more energetic when you are fit and healthy and your kids will love you for it.
What’s your favourite BBB product and why?
I love the bands because you can use them anywhere and there are no excuses for not getting your workouts done.


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