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An amazing FIVE week transformation!

An amazing FIVE week transformation!

This is what BBB Babe, Kiley, has achieved in just FIVE WEEKS! Wow. Wow! WOW! The first image is week 1, the second week 3 and the last image week 5.

Kiley has been using the Bikini Body Burn 12 Week Guide and is proof of what you can achieve with a HUGE amount of dedication. When you give 100%, you get a big return. 

Well done Kiley!... and your motivation for your transformation - well it gave us goosebumps; you are a true inspiration, thank YOU!

This is what Kiley had to say:

I got motivated to get into shape when I became a teacher! I got my first teaching job this year and see a big problem with nutrition in schools! So as much as I want to change that I thought the first step was for me to get healthy and set a good example for my kids!

So, when I stumbled across bikini body burn's instagram as well as Karina's - I just decided to try it and have absolutely LOVED it! Now just being able to see results and feel it too has motivated me to continue with it!

My advice would be to workout particularly on the days you don't want to! It's so hard, but that's where the habit starts! When I broke through that I noticed myself getting excited to get home and workout rather than dreading it!! 

Thank you BBB! Y'all have helped me in so many ways! From gaining confidence, having more energy, being happier and seriously I've never felt better in a bikini!

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Jun 13, 2018 • Posted by Teri

Wow Hats off to you kiley!
Great example to the school kids. Be the change and you make it clear !! Great work and keep it up!

Jun 12, 2018 • Posted by Chantal Rae

What a way to lead by example!! The kids you teach are very lucky to have someone who sets an example and challenges their own thinking and behaviours. Keep up the great work!! 💪🏽🍑

Jun 12, 2018 • Posted by Krista Willmot

You GO GIRL! What an inspiration.
You are obviously so dedicated to have results like that in 5 weeks! WOW.
Keep at it.. I can’t wait to see your final results. Your kids are lucky to have such an inspiring, motivated and dedicated teacher who wants to lead by example.

Jun 12, 2018 • Posted by Amie

This is SOOOOO inspiring omg .. I literally have to be able to purchase the bundle and as soon as I can I am! Holy this is actually blowing my mind and making me so excited

Jun 12, 2018 • Posted by Kiley

Thank youuu!!!!
Thanks for helping me change my life and in turn hopefully help make schools healthier!

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