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A BBB Mom that we know you'll love as much as we do!.. Shannon Marie

A BBB Mom that we know you'll love as much as we do!.. Shannon Marie

Mother's Day is a time for us to celebrate our Mother's, but it is also a time that the BBB team uses to reflect on how amazing our BBB Mums and Moms are. Juggling family, fitness and health is a challenge. We take our hats off to all of our busy, fit and healthy BBB Mamas!
One of our amazing BBB Moms is Shannon Marie. This Mama lives on the other side of the world from us, on the East Coast of the USA. Anyone who rocks a Moana Bikini in the snow is an absolute legend in our book! And with an the Instagram name 'Rawdorable', well it was love at first sight for us. And we know you will all love her as much as we do...
BBB fam, we introduce you to the fabulous Shannon Marie:
Hey Shannon Marie! Tell us about your kids…
I have two amazing kids. My son is a 15-year-old typical high schooler. I treasure the moments when he still hangs out with me. He's a gamer (hopes to design his own games one day; in fact, he already has designed some small scale ones that he shares with his friends) and a big anime fan. I've been known to binge a number of anime series with him, as well as grab a controller to play old-school Nintendo games. Then, I make him venture outside for some fun in the sun, swimming, the occasional basketball, etc. We used to have a deal that he had to match his game play with physical exercise, including jumping jacks, laps and more. Now that he's a teenager, it doesn't work as well, except when Pokemon Go was popular.
The trick still works with my 8-year-old daughter. She's my workout buddy and sidekick (whenever the weather is nice, we try to take long walks together). We spend most of the summer hanging outside, running through sprinklers, using a slip and slide, having squirt gun fights, swimming (such a good workout) and taking time out for yoga stretches. She also tries to mimic my other workouts (Bikini Body Burn is perfect for these outdoor workouts, since you can do these exercises anywhere), but yoga is her favorite. She's currently taking a yoga class two days a week.
Oh, and I don't want to forget my handsome hubby. I wouldn't have those two awesome children without him. He's just as much into fitness as I am. We definitely motivate each other.
And now about you
I go by Rawdorable on Instagram. It's what I opted to name my blog on a whim. About a decade or so ago, I was checking out other blogs and noticed the create a blog button at the top of one. Obviously, I got curious and I clicked it. I was a fully raw vegan at the time, so it seemed to be the perfect topic, especially since I wasn't exactly surrounded by like-minded folks. The name was honestly just what popped in my head when I had to quickly think of a name.
For a number of years, my blog topic remained the same. I blogged about some of the foods I ate, recipes and people I met. I was part of a group of raw food bloggers on a site called We Like It Raw, where I contributed some exclusive recipes to the site on a monthly basis. My claims to fame were raw vegan Girl Scout Cookies, gingerbread house, pop tarts and Better Than Sex Dessert. I also had a "unbaked" cupcake e-book.
The raw food world and natural beauty tend to go hand in hand. Naturally, I slowly transitioned my blog to a green beauty blog, since I was in need of a change. I had gotten bored of posting food and, although plant based, I was no longer fully raw. However, I still portrayed my healthy lifestyle, occasionally mentioning my workouts, as well.
I haven't blogged in quite some time now. Instead, I use my Instagram as a mini blog. It's basically just a hobby. I post what I want, when I want. At this point, authenticity is most important to me.
How many times do you workout a week and for how long?
I'm a workout addict. I don't drink coffee, so my morning workout is my replacement, after I've taken a shot of lemon juice with cayenne and drank a tall glass of water. I start everyday off with some cardio/dance and add in some BBB moves. Crazy me wakes up at 4:30 a.m. during the week, so I can get in that 30 min. workout and a shower before my kids get up for school.
In addition to that morning workout, I just try to stay active during the day. I do squats while brushing my teeth, a little blender dance while making a smoothie ... you get the idea. If I'm feeling an additional workout or yoga flow, I just make it part of my day.
How do you manage to balance exercise with mumlife and work?
I'm lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom, since my second child was born 8 years ago. It allows me to be really hands on with the kids. I volunteer at school, go on field trips (I just went on one today), occasionally babysit by 2-year-old niece (now that's a workout; we run, run, run), etc. I think I still workout so early because it was my routine when I was working.
Do you have any advice for other Mums on how to get back to their best?
My advice to other moms is to just start being more active. When your kids play, play with your kids. When you have a moment to try some specific workout moves, try them and build up to a full routine. Don't worry if your body isn't what it used to be. Celebrate those new parts of you that show how hard you worked to be a mom in the first place (you didn't get those stretch marks for nothing). If you look closely at some of my Instagram photos, you'll see that I have those "badges," too.
What are your fave clean recipes that are kid friendly?
We tend to keep things simple around here. Snacks tend to be fresh fruits and veggies in their natural state or made into frozen treats. N'ice cream (blended frozen banana) sundaes, shaved frozen fruit (you can actually put frozen strawberries and mango through an old Snoopy snow cone machine), smoothies and popsicles tend to be a hit. You also can't beat "ants on a log" or hallowed out apples filled with nut butter and granola. As for meals, build-your-own pizzas are fun. I sometimes use a baked sweet potato as the base for added nutrition.
What’s your favourite BBB product and why?

Gotta love those bands, especially on vacation. They're great for toning and are much easier to pack than weights. 


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