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What to do when you've finished the 12 Week Guide... other than celebrate!

What to do when you've finished the 12 Week Guide... other than celebrate!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !  

W O O O O H O O O !

Well done, babe! We would love to hear about what you thought of the program and about your progress. If you post about it on Instagram, please hashtag #bikinibodyburn so we can find you! Or please email the BBB team at hello@bikinibodyburn.com.

We've had a few BBB babes ask us what workouts to do once they have finished their 12 Week Guide or The Bandbook. Obviously, if you haven’t already, we would highly recommend trying out the other Guide available if you’ve only done the one!

But if you’ve done both and are looking for the next step to continue seeing positive changes in your body, we have a couple of tips… at least to get you by until we launch our next Guide! ;-)

For those Babes who’ve completed the 12 Week Guide, we recommend that you repeat the Booty phase workouts. The Booty phase workouts have been specifically designed for you to continue on with once you have completed the 12 weeks; but with one difference - increased weights! Weighted exercises should be doable but difficult. You should struggle to complete the last two reps of a weighted exercise. If you find that you aren't struggling, increase the weight. This goes for dumbbells and also the kettle bell that you have been using. Resistance bands also come in different levels of difficulty, so Simon recommends using a more difficult resistance band for your banded exercises as well.

For those Babes who’ve reached the end of The Bandbook, remember that with our unique and exclusive exercise formula you can build as many or as few Bandbook workouts into your existing or new exercise program. Furthermore, with 60 different workouts, you can mix these up and alternate now that you’ve completed – focussing on those workouts you either a) found the most effective, or b) had the most fun doing, or c) hopefully both! You should never be bored working out, or struggle to find a workout to get stuck into with The Bandbook.

Good luck BBB babes, thanks for taking this journey with us and stay tuned for our next Guide!

Team BBB xx


Aug 03, 2017 • Posted by Bikini Body Burn

Hi there Carla,
Please drop us a line at hello@biknibodyburn.com and we’ll get back to any questions you have :-)

Jul 26, 2017 • Posted by Carla

I’m really interested in committing to the 12 week guide, but I want to incorporate workouts daily or as often as possible just to stay healthy and fit, no bigger muscles so no heavier weights. How can I do this? Can I stick to the 12 week program forever or just the last part and keep the weight amount? Thanks babe!

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