In a world with so many ideas, opinions, plans and potions to the ‘ideal’ bikini body, what are the most important things you need to do to get there?

When it comes to losing body fat there are a couple of things you have to do to guarantee success; do the right mix of strength training and cardio training - mostly high intensity interval training or HIIT.

A lot of girls out there that don’t strength train and don’t eat the right things might be what we call ‘skinny-fat’; this is where someone is skinny but still has a high amount of body fat, not the perfect mix for that Summer bikini body!

We want girls to be fit, toned, healthy and confident.

A lot of girls think that doing resistance training especially with weights will make them big and bulky. This is not the case! Females don’t have enough muscle building hormones to create lots of muscle. They do have enough to firm their body and change their body shape however!

Doing resistance training with body weight exercises is a really good place to start, but sooner or later you need to do more, and here is a great analogy why.

When you decide to start your Summer tan you start out by maybe lying in the sun for 15 minutes. The next day you notice that you got a little bit of colour. So then, the next day, you go out for 15 minutes again. You start to notice some results so you do the same routine for the next 12 weeks, fifteen minutes in the sun everyday. What you will notice is that your tan will be the same at 12 weeks as it was at 2 weeks because your skin has got used to the same 15 minutes every day. To make your skin darker you need a little bit more exposure each time.

This is the same way your muscles work, if you are performing the same exercises with the same weight at the same intensity, all the time, your body will become used to it and will stop changing. Conversely, you don’t go and lie out in the sun for two hours the first day because you will burn to a crisp. The same applies to your exercise.

That is why BBB encourages strength and resistance training, so you, as an avid BBB Babe who wants to see results, can continue to shape and sculpt your body in the direction you want and get the results you desire.

Please note: Slip, Slop and Slap, babes! ;-)



Jan 01, 2016 • Posted by TAnya

Before I purchase the program I would like to know if the exercises may be done at home, or do I need access to a gym? Thanks

Dec 08, 2015 • Posted by Sarah

Love your blog, keep it up!

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