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5 ways to show your cravings who is the boss!

5 ways to show your cravings who is the boss!

Cravings are the worst. Just when you think you are nailing them, a whiff of hot chips comes your way and before you know it, eating a bucket load of Maccas fries is all you can think about. 

Or if you are a recovering sugar addict, you are more than likely getting sweet cravings after every meal. We feel you BBB Babes, we get them too!

Here are our top 5 tips for showing your cravings that you're the boss!

1. Drink water with fruit

Carry around a bottle of water with slices of kiwi fruit and lemon, yum! And the little added burst of sweetness will be all you need post meals and snacks. Another option is to mix up a fruit based tea in bulk and sip on that cold throughout the day. The berry teas are delicious cold, especially with a little lemon added to them. 

2. Chew gum

This one has been getting a workout in our BBB HQ these past few weeks with the start of the 12 Week Challenge. If you come from a work environment where morning and afternoon teas are a little bit of chocolate or something else sweet, we feel you! Having a packet of sugar free gum close by has been our go to for stopping ourselves from smashing a family sized block of chocolate.

But a little word of warning as too much sugar free gum can have a laxative effect on you. And it is full of chemicals, so isn't healthy or 'clean'. However if you need a little hand to get you through, then we say go for it, but just have a piece every now and again.

3. Brush your teeth

Have you ever noticed that food tastes terrible if you have it just after you have brushed your teeth? Once you have brushed your teeth, you are less likely to want to eat. So after you have finished dinner, brush your teeth rather than waiting until bed time. That way you will be less tempted by any after dinner cravings. 

4. Take away temptation

Clean out your pantry and fridge and remove all temptations! And if you have kids, tell them sorry but they are getting on the health train too! If you don't see it every time you open the fridge or pantry, you are less likely to think about it. So get rid of it! And if you are going to be eating out, pick places where you will be less tempted such as sushi or salad bars. 

5. Eat three meals and two snacks a day

If you are following one of our meal plans in EAT Nutrition Guide + Meal Plans, you will notice that you are full all the time. Which is a good thing because when you are full you are satisfied. Sometimes cravings come about because you are still hungry, so your brain releases hormones to tell you to eat more. If you are full, this won't happen. So make sure you are eating three meals and two snacks a day.

Happy bossing of your cravings!

Karina + Simon


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