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5 ways our 12 Week Challenge will motivate you

5 ways our 12 Week Challenge will motivate you

Hi BBB Babes, it’s Karina here! I wanted to reach out to you all this week to let you know why I believe our 12 Week Challenge is great motivating force in your healthy and fitness journey.  

If you have reached your health and fitness goals – well done! But if you haven’t, you more than likely need a little motivation to help you along your way. And to be honest, even I need a little motivation every now and again. I’m only human after all!

Here are 5 reasons why the Bikini Body Burn Challenge will motivate you!

  1. You have my personal trainer helping you on your journey!

Each week you will receive an email from my PT, Simon from Starke Fitness, giving you tips and helping you to get the most out of each week of The Challenge.

Remember, I transformed my own fitness, and in turn my body, by following exactly what Simon suggested to me. It’s how Bikini Body Burn was born in the first place. So, now you benefit from him as well... and learn what it’s like having him bust your balls! ;-) 

  1. You will FIRE up your exercise routine!

Even when you are fit, if you do the same routine every week, week after week, it gets boring. The Challenge will motivate you to fire up your routine, which will fire up your muscles and help you get the best results!

  1. You connect with other BBB Babes on the same journey!

One of my favourite parts of BBB is seeing all of you girls, from all around the world, motivate, support and empower each other. I see you creating your own Instagram accounts and I follow your posts using #bbb12weekguide. If you are having a down day, you can connect with your BBB fam and be inspired to keep going!

  1. You will form an ongoing habit!

As Simon taught me, it takes 21 days to form a habit. And sometimes just getting into the routine and the habit can be the hardest thing! Once you get there, you are home free - everything becomes so much easier! And after 12 weeks of going strong in The Challenge, you will have transformed your whole exercise and eating habits for the better!

  1. You will realise your goal! 

So many BBB babes have already transformed their lives by using the 12 Week Challenge to motivate them – now it’s your turn! Let other girls’ success push you forward too!

You can do it! And, don't worry, it’s not too late to join! I believe in you. We believe in you. And we will be with you every step of the way!

Karina xx


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