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12 Week Challenge Winner - Eliza Mibus!

12 Week Challenge Winner - Eliza Mibus!

Well, babes, our third 12 Week Challenge is now complete!

We couldn't be more proud of you all for working so hard and being so committed to being the best versions of yourselves possible!

We hope this challenge has further helped to develop positive and beneficial fitness and nutrition habits and you've inspired yourself to keep progressing and continuing your fitness journey.

You're all winners for taking on this challenge, that's for sure!

But, without further ado, we have some winners to announce...

Today we'll be announcing our amazing Winner! 

Say hello to Eliza Mibus:

"First of all, thank you so much! The past 12 weeks has changed my life for the better in so many ways!" 

"Before BBB I was heavily into sport - it was my 'thing', my 'happy place'. I was doing crossfit, competitive swimming at state level, aiming for nationals, as well as soccer and basketball. It was my life." 

"When I was 16 (2012), I got an injury; no one knew what it was for three years. In these three years I pushed through as best as I could. There were days, even weeks, where I could not walk and needed crutches to move. School was a nightmare. I was depressed. I could not exercise and hence, I put on weight (20-25kg)."

"I had lost myself. I honestly did not know what to do and didn't enjoy anything anymore. In 2015, the year after I completed Year 12, doctors found that I had torn my ligamentum teres (the ligament joining the ball to the socket in the hip). I had surgery soon after on the 10/9/15. For just over a year after surgery there weren't many things I could do; I tried to go back to sport, but I would end up in so much pain, so I kept quitting." 

"I decided, one day, to pick up a magazine in the supermarket and the first article was about Karina. I was so inspired and I immediately went onto her website and bought the 12 Week Guide and The BandBook!"

"At the start of the challenge;

  • I weighed 96kg, I now weigh 85.5kg.
  • I could not run, I can now run without pain.
  • I could not exercise without having a panic attack, now I can last the whole time.
  • I was unhealthy in my eating habits, now I feel incredible and have so much energy. 
  • I had bad acne, it is now much clearer.
  • I could not do a push-up on my toes (I have never been able to), I can now do 5 in a row!
  • I was not confident in the appearance of my body, I love my body now. "

"I cannot thank Bikini Body Burn enough for the program you've created! Karina and Simon, I wish I could hug you right now! You've helped me become so happy. Thank you!"

Arm - 33.5cm
Chest - 105cm
Stomach - 99cm
Booty - 118cm
Upper leg - 67cm
Calf - 43cm 

Arm - 33cm
Chest - 94.5cm
Stomach - 90cm
Booty - 109.5cm
Upper leg - 61cm
Calf - 41cm 

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Aug 04, 2017 • Posted by Kate

I am so proud of you Lizie. You look amazing. You have done such an awesome job. Xxxxxx

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