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12 Week Challenge Runner Up - Ariel Chavez!

12 Week Challenge Runner Up - Ariel Chavez!

Well, babes, our third 12 Week Challenge is now complete!

We couldn't be more proud of you all for working so hard and being so committed to being the best versions of yourselves possible!

We hope this challenge has further helped to develop positive and beneficial fitness and nutrition habits and you've inspired yourself to keep progressing and continuing your fitness journey.

You're all winners for taking on this challenge, that's for sure!

But, without further ado, we have some winners to announce...

Today we'll be announcing our two Runners Up! 

Say hello to Ariel Chavez!

"I would like to thank Karina, Simon, and everyone else at Starke Fitness and Moana Bikini for this wonderful opportunity to help me improve upon my fitness and health!" 

"The past 12 weeks have been difficult, but oh so rewarding for me. What made this fitness journey different than my past, failed attempts is that my focus was not on losing weight, but on becoming healthier and stronger physically and mentally."

"Reading other BBB babes' stories and seeing their progress really helped me stick to the program and relearn how to love my own body no matter anyone else's opinion. I have gained so much confidence just by changing the way I think!"

"The 12 Week Guide, in combination with the sample meal plans, really helped me stick to positive daily habits and pushed me to eat clean and say no to processed foods. The hardest part for me was definitely turning down oh-so-scrumptious sweets and breads (especially when co-workers brought treats into work, yum!), but I am so proud of the self control that I have gained through this process! I have found that I simply do not crave all the unhealthy foods that I used to eat. The 12 Week Guide and Bandbook will continue to be my go-to library for future workouts!"

"I have attached my before and after pictures as well as some fun outdoor "after" photos. I was feeling really proud of myself, and I wanted to share those extra photos with you! Thank you all so much for guiding me through this fitness journey! I will continue to look to you all for inspiration and motivation!"


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