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12 Week Challenge 1/2018 - first RUNNER UP!

12 Week Challenge 1/2018 - first RUNNER UP!

Bikini Body Burn family, we are so happy to introduce our first runner up for Challenge 1 of 2018 - Bailey Shiller!

When we first read Bailey's email, we shed a little tear as we all know what it's like to hit a rough patch after a relationship breaking down. But Bailey made the decision to turn her frown upside down, and just LOOK at what she achieved!

Bailey lost 1 inch off her arms, almost 3 inches off her chest/waist, almost 5 (!) inches off her stomach and 2 inches off her upper leg. Wow! Her measurements are impressive, but more importantly, Bailey is happy. And that BBB Babes, is everything!

Congratulations Bailey, we are so happy for you! Here is what Bailey had to say:

When I first got [the 12 Week Guide] I tried so hard to stick to the workouts and the meal plans. Sadly at that point in my life I was in a very unhealthy relationship and lost interest in a lot of things. Luckily I am beyond that part of my life and I am in a different and extremely healthy relationship! I’ve become happier with myself and all other aspects of my life over the past year! Once I started to realize how happy I had become, I also realized I had gained over 15 pounds of happy weight! 😟 So with the better and happier environment I decided to give this challenge another go! I fully committed to eating better, tracking my meals and always completing my workouts to the best of my ability. Once I was on the right path the weight just started falling off! By week 11 I was finally to a point where I was (and still am) completely satisfied with my body! I love it! I am still trying to gain more muscle and lose more fat, but I am so thrilled to where this program has brought me. I just want to say thank you so much for creating something that anyone can pick up and take charge of their own lives. Thank you so so so much BBB fam! 

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